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  • The Holy Trinity and the Sacrament of Marriage
    Post by Deacon Marques Silva, 6/13/2014

    “For those of us who remember the Baltimore Catechism, you likely have those fond memories of Sr. Mary Margaret asking: ... ”

  • Our Lady of Promptness
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 5/2/2014

    “The month of May is a good time to give thought and prayer to the many titles of our Lady. And in his Chrism Mass homily, Pope Francis gave us a new one to consider: Our Lady of Promptness. A quick internet search for this title brings up only references to the same homily. So it would seem that the title is his own creation. But as is so often the case with Pope Francis, this novelty has deep roots in our faith. ... ”

  • The Resurrection is key to living our faith
    Post by Bishop Paul S. Loverde, 4/25/2014

    “If I asked you to choose the single event that has most influenced and touched human history, what would you choose? The invention of the alphabet? The discovery of the New World by Columbus? Maybe you would name a medical advancement that saved millions of lives, or an invention that allowed us to accomplish things previously never imagined. Yes, human history has included many world-changing discoveries, inventions and advancements, but, in point of fact, none of them would be considered the single event that has had the greatest influence on our history — at least, not for the followers of Jesus Christ. ... ”

  • The ?Unnamed? Days of Holy Week
    Post by Sr. Clare Hunter, 4/15/2014

    “Have you ever wondered why the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week don’t get a special name? I have. We have quite the entrance on Passion (Palm) Sunday by publicly processing, singing and carrying palms. We read the very long Gospel and wince as we shout out “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” After the celebration of an intense liturgy, it feels like we are just getting started, and then we have to stop for three days, only to rev up again for the big line up of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and finally Easter Sunday. ... ”

  • Lenten Foods: Japanese Tempura
    Post by Deacon Marques Silva, 3/17/2014

    “"Some have suggested that the word tempura comes from the Latin Quatuor Tempora ("four times"), a name for the Ember Days, penitential days marking the changing of the seasons. The tradition of abstaining from meat on those days each quarter was brought to Japan by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries. When this European Christian tradition met a Japanese culinary tradition, a deep-fried seafood and vegetable dish was born: tempura!"[1] ... ”

  • If By The Spirit...
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 3/14/2014

    “Self-denial is not foreign to the world. It is not original or exclusive to Catholics. Granted, the indulgence of our culture might obscure this fact. Most people do seem to go about seeking to satisfy their appetites, and more. The world’s dominant message is not self-restraint but self-indulgence. Nevertheless, even in the midst of all this we do find some self-denial. ... ”

  • What Can Sisters Do For You?
    Post by Sr. Clare Hunter, 3/13/2014

    “In God’s providence, I am spending National Catholic Sisters Week (March 9-16) in Lowell, Michigan, at the Franciscan Life Process Center. I am with a group of college students and staff from Marymount University on their Spring Break service trip. Hence a trip to snowy Michigan, where the low last night was negative one, to work and pray with 14 Sisters from my Community, the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist. ... ”

  • Let?s hear it for the nuns
    Post by Natalie Plumb, 3/10/2014

    “This week marks the week when we celebrate our sisters in Christ: National Catholic Sisters Week. ... ”

  • Ridicule Replaces Reason in Religious Liberty Debates
    Post by Laurie Higgins, 3/6/2014

    “"Swallowing half an hour before closing time that second dose of soma had raised ... ”

  • Evangelism Should Be Like Dunkin? Donuts?
    Post by Deacon Marques Silva, 2/24/2014

    “About once to twice a week I go by Dunkin’ Donuts and pick up a cup of coffee before work. I have a few options, but I always choose the one that is in the opposite direction of my office, adding an extra ten minutes to my commute time on purpose. ... ”

  • The Slavery of Abortion and the Myth of Affordability
    Post by Deacon Marques Silva, 1/31/2014

    “By: Deacon Marques Silva ... ”

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