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  • Not the Rule of Law: Rewarding Political Cronies and Punishing Opponents
    Post by Stu Nolan, 5/25/2011

    “Political analyst Michael Barone raises some ( excellent points about the highly questionable approach of the Obama administration to the issuance of waivers from the so-called "ObamaCare" health insurance regulations and other uses of the government's powers to reward Obama's political supporters and punish opponents. The evidence cited by Barone suggests that the Obama administration has overstepped legal boundaries and in fact is undermining the rule of law. ... ”

  • New Poll Shows Growth in Popularity of Restricting Access to Abortion
    Trend Contrasts Americans' Apparent Confusion Over the Labels - Post by Stu Nolan, 5/23/2011

    “Americans continue the trend in recent years to favor strict regulatory controls to limit the number of abortions and the circumstances under which they may take place. A new ( Gallup poll reports that too many Americans do not understand that their position is essentially, albeit not completely, pro-life. The poll results reveal that a growing majority want abortion to be illegal most of the time and yet many of these same Americans refer to themselves a "pro-choice", apparently failing to understand that the abortion-on-demand crowd views any regulations on access to abortion as unconstitutional. ... ”

  • John Jay Study Provides Perspective on Church Scandals
    Post by Stu Nolan, 5/19/2011

    “The always-brilliant George Weigel ( weighs in with a report on the latest evidence regarding the Church scandals that have received disproportionate publicity in recent years. The John Jay study suggests that the nature and extent of the abuse must be placed in perspective and has been greatly misunderstood due to the extensive media coverage of the worse examples. ... ”

  • Contraception: The Last Frontier?
    My Latest Article for Ethika Politika - Post by E. Scott Lloyd, 5/18/2011

    “Fertile ground exists for pro-life Catholics and Protestants to work together to reduce our culture's resort to the various forms of contraception, despite the theological differences in our approach to their use. The facts indicate that this is a necessary endeavor for the pro-life movement. ... ”

  • Cardinal Burke and the liturgy
    Post by Greg LaNave, 5/12/2011

    “We were privileged yesterday, at the Dominican House of Studies, to host His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, who spoke to us about a "theo-centric view of the liturgy." (See the lecture at the DHS web site: The principal idea was that since the liturgy is a participation in the one act of worship, which is Christ's act of worship offered to the Father, we should think of the liturgy not as our creation, but as something established by God according to his "ius divinum" (divine right). Of course the liturgy has changed in dramatic ways down through the centuries, and there are many different legitimate versions of it even now (consider, e.g., the very different liturgies of the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Latin Rite); to that extent, it certainly is a human creation---we don't have in Scripture prescriptions for Christian liturgy that are anything like the prescriptions for Jewish liturgy that we find in the Books of Exodus and Leviticus. Still, what the cardinal was certainly warning against was any view of the liturgy that sees it as a realm of experimentation on the part of the celebrant who is trying to make it relevant for his congregation. It is an act of worship, in which God enables us to place ourselves in right relation to him. ... ”

  • Mercy Sunday and the Beatification of John Paul the Great
    A Reflection back to the Mercy Sunday of 2000 - Post by Bob Laird, 5/1/2011

    “Today Pope John Paul II is beatified. Today is also Mercy Sunday. What a great day for Catholics and a great day for the Church! ... ”

  • GYT or GYF Month?
    Planned Parenthood or the Catholic Church - Post by Gerri Laird, 4/19/2011

    “Which organization really understands what is best for us as human persons: Planned Parenthood or the Catholic Church? ... ”

  • Elected Official Wishes Elections Wouldn't Matter So Much
    Former Speaker of the House Puts the "Democracy" Back in the Democrats - Post by Stu Nolan, 4/13/2011

    “Catholics used to be accused rather routinely of wanting to impose a theocracy. Nancy Pelosi, who likes to call herself a Catholic while openly dissenting from dogmatic Church teaching concerning the immorality of abortion and the unacceptability of legalized abortion, has a different kind of theocracy in mind. As reported ( here, she yearns for a day when the country is ruled by folks who all agree with her. ... ”

  • A Response to Total Absurdity
    A Response to Total Absurdity - Post by Gerri Laird, 4/13/2011

    “Absurdity is not new to Planned Parenthood or to the highest court in our country. Note the Majority Opinion in the Supreme Court's 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decision: "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life." We now define our own concept of existence. Forget that our country was founded on objective moral and religious principles; subjective personal beliefs and experiences are the acceptable factors that govern our decisions. We now define our own truth. ... ”

  • Must Read Now
    Archbishop Chaput's Speech at Notre Dame - Post by Bob Laird, 4/12/2011

    “It is not often when my wife stops what she is doing, pulls down an article off the web, simultaneously prints it out, sends it to her friends, reads it aloud, all while sipping her Sleepytime tea. Not many people can cause that to happen. Archbishop Chaput did. In his ( recent speech at the University of Notre Dame's Student Organized Right to Life Lecture Series, and published by the Whitherspoon Institute, this holy man lays out the reasons for the difficulties in the pro-life movement in the Catholic Church today. ... ”

  • Explanation not necessary. It is totally absurd. Period.
    Post by Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, 4/11/2011

    “I admit it. I''m an animal lover. In our forty-one years of marriage, my husband and I have had at least one dog in our household except for one short period of time. Currently, Ms. Daisy Mae rules the household. A feisty West Highland Terrier, she is very well cared for and basically wants for nothing. ... ”

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