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  • Huge, wonderful, and important????
    Post by Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, 8/2/2011

    “Those three words are the introduction to an August 1, 2011 email sent out by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) regarding the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decision to require "all new insurance plans to cover birth control without co-pays." ... ”

  • NFP Unveils the Truth about Personhood
    Post by Gerri Laird, 7/27/2011

    “Just when we think they aren't listening, some profound truth pops out! When our children were young, we always made it a point to sit up front during Mass - that is, until one Sunday when our youngest (age 4 at the time) jumped up on the kneeler just before the consecration and blurted out every word in perfect Latin before the priest even opened his mouth. ... ”

  • Dr. Warren Carroll
    A Simple Tribute - Post by Bob Laird, 7/25/2011

    “This is an except from a talk on July 18th that I gave a Seton School, founded by Anne Carroll, Dr. Carroll's wife. ... ”

  • FCC Policy on Extending Construction Periods Is Being Revisited
    Court Decision on July 7 Leads FCC to Re-Evaluate - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/21/2011

    “A side effect of a July 7, 2011, decision by an appellate court has been to place in limbo the FCC's policy of extending construction permits by 18 months where the entity being assigned the permit is a "small business". This has the potential to place in jeopardy many construction permits where applicants were negotiating assignments of their permits to another entity in order to preserve the authorization to build a new facility. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has found the FCC's preferences for extending the permits of "eligible entities" to be arbitrary and capricious. In ( Prometheus v. FCC/(-, the Court ordered the FCC to establish a connection between the preference for small businesses and the overall policy goal of trying to promote increased ownership of broadcast media by favored groups pursuant to "identity politics", i.e., in this case, women and minorities. Permit holders should make appropriate contingency plans to meet their construction deadlines if the 18-month extension process is put on hold indefinitely. ... ”

  • Preaching The Gospel in the Public Square
    AB Chaput Goes to Philadelphia - Post by Bob Laird, 7/20/2011

    “George Weigel wrote an very ( revealing article yesterday about AB Chaput's appointment as the Archbishop of Philadelphia which is well worth the read. I want to draw your attention to one point that Weigel makes which probably places AB Chaput in a unique category of American Catholic prelates. ... ”

  • Catholic Students and Educators ?Get It and Live It!?
    We are either Catholic, or we're not! - Post by Gerri Laird, 7/20/2011

    “What a breath of fresh air! Kudos to ( Kathryn Lopez for an inspiring article that begins and ends with the decision by John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America (CUA), to return to single-sex dorms. Garvey understands his faith and is living it, but he isn't alone. Sandwiched in between the discussion about Garvey's common sense decision and the threat of a lawsuit, Lopez unveils a group of "twentysomethings looking for an alternative to the culture of utilitarianism around them" who "want neither to be used nor to use others. They see the inherent dignity of the human person and want to treat that, in themselves and others, with respect. They want to challenge themselves and expect more." ... ”

  • FCC Proposes $25,000 Fine for NCE Broadcaster
    Post by Matthew Milhon, 7/18/2011

    “The Federal Communications Commission released on JUly 18 a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture and Order contemplating a $25,000 fine for a noncommercial educational broadcast station. The cited violations included: (a) failure to maintain functional Emergency Alert System ("EAS") equipment, (b) failure to enclose a radio tower having radio frequency potential at the base within an effectively locked fence, and (c) failure to maintain and make available a public inspection file. ... ”

  • What does it say about our justice system?
    Post by Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, 7/6/2011

    “I admit it, I was one of those people who was disappointed when Court TV went off the air. Being a consummate multi-tasker and having a small TV next to my desk, I have followed a number of high profile cases while I worked. ... ”

  • 60 years to the day, Pope Benedict XVI Reflects On His Sixty Years of Priesthood
    Post by Noreen Daly, 6/29/2011

    “On the Feast of the Apostles and Martyrs, Peter and Paul, the Successor of Peter, Pope Benedict XVI, celebrated his sixtieth anniversary of his ordination to the Holy Priesthood. In his homily, Pope Benedict wrote, "Dear Brothers and Sisters, 'Non iam dicam servos, sed amicos' - 'I no longer call you servants, but friends' (Jn 15:15). ... ”

  • Bishop DiMarzio denounces New York's "marriage equality" law
    Post by Noreen Daly, 6/28/2011

    “A tip of the hat to Bishop DiMarzio for showing much-needed ( leadership on the increasingly aggressive efforts of homosexual activists to obtain widespread social acceptance and legal recognition of homosexual relationships. ... ”

  • The Supreme Court and the Problem of Man
    Post by E. Scott Lloyd, 6/10/2011

    “The Supreme Court, when it claimed to recognize for women the "right" to abortion on demand, simultaneously stripped the fathers of these children of their right to be parents, and other associated rights. A recent ( billboard by a New Mexico man has dramatically highlighted this truth. ... ”

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