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  • Huffington Post re-defines
    Post by Noreen Daly, 11/16/2011

    “Earlier this year, the Huffington Post's Lindsay Dittman reported, in what at first glance appeared to be an attempt at humor, but the article on the "Most Radical Colleges" proved more of a joke than even its author likely intended. The article ranked my alma mater, Christendom College, as number 5 out of 9 so-called "radical" schools. ... ”

  • Why Vote Pro-Life?
    A Catechesis of the Catholic Church and the Political Process - Post by Bob Laird, 10/17/2011

    “I pastor friend of mine once told me that he's never had an original idea, but he takes all of his ideas from others. After hearing the homily at Mass yesterday by Father John DeCelles' of St. Raymond's Parish in Springfield, VA, I recalled that statement and realized that no amount of research and preparation could mimic his words. Father used the gospel reading of "Rendering to Caesar..." (Matt 22:15-21) to present a catechesis of the Catholic teaching on voting and our participation in the political process. It makes one think about and understand the genesis of the statement, "I vote pro-life!" and why every person who calls him or herself a Christian must internalize that statement and act on it. ... ”

  • Preaching the Gospel of Life with Clarity
    Parish Priests Teaching through Homilies - Post by Bob Laird, 10/12/2011

    “The Catholic Church's teaching on respecting the dignity of the human person is much more than just being against abortion and euthanasia. Here are two homilies which I comment to your reading, review, and understanding. Both were presented by the two priests assigned to St. Raymond's Parish in Springfield, VA on Sunday, October 2, 2011 - Father John DeCelles and Father Mark Pilon. ... ”

  • The Pope and the Regensburg Speech - 5 Years Later
    Popes aren't supposed to Lecture on the Truth? - Post by Bob Laird, 9/12/2011

    “Samuel Gregg does a good job with this article in ( ... ”

  • The Church According to O'Malley
    His Support of Gay Marriage is at Odds with his Faith - Post by E. Scott Lloyd, 9/8/2011

    “( LifeSiteNews provides this nice criticism exposing the logical bankruptcy of Governor O'Malley's support for so-called "gay marriage". ... ”

  • USCCB Response to HHS Final Rules on Preventative Services
    Post by Bob Laird, 8/31/2011

    “Congratulations to Anthony Picarello, Mike Moses, Richard Doerflinger, and the rest of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) staff that put together the well-documented, well-articulated, and well-rationalized statement as to why the ( HHS Final Rules on Preventative Services "should be recinded in its entirety." ... ”

  • Time to Focus on Catholic News Sources
    Post by Bob Laird, 8/24/2011

    “As a cadet at West Point, each Sunday I was able to hear an outstanding homily from a young priest in the Archdiocese of New York. His name was Father Edwin O'Brien. He is now Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of Baltimore. Unfortunately, while I often went to daily Mass, I received my religion news from The New York Times. I remember vividly the day that Rev. Charles Curran published his treatise on Humanae Vitae in that paper even before a copy of the document had reached the shores of the United States. This all came back to mind as I read ( Archbishop Chaput's caution of using the secular press for news and especially commentary about our faith. ... ”

  • What, Exactly, Is an Abortion, and Why Does It Matter?
    Post by E. Scott Lloyd, 8/22/2011

    “Let us together think through a few questions that have important consequences for our current health policy: ... ”

  • Christendom College, Front Royal VA
    Reportedly one of the Most Radical Colleges - Post by Noreen Daly, 8/9/2011

    “Friday morning at 8:38 AM the Huffington Post posted an online article that at first glace appeared to be a joke but upon further reading was actually far more amusing than intended. ... ”

  • Huge, wonderful, and important????
    Post by Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge, 8/2/2011

    “Those three words are the introduction to an August 1, 2011 email sent out by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) regarding the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decision to require "all new insurance plans to cover birth control without co-pays." ... ”

  • NFP Unveils the Truth about Personhood
    Post by Gerri Laird, 7/27/2011

    “Just when we think they aren't listening, some profound truth pops out! When our children were young, we always made it a point to sit up front during Mass - that is, until one Sunday when our youngest (age 4 at the time) jumped up on the kneeler just before the consecration and blurted out every word in perfect Latin before the priest even opened his mouth. ... ”

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