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  • The Priority of Personal Prayer
    A Meditation on the Gospel of the 16th Sunday of the Year - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 7/21/2013

    “Today's Gospel at Mass is the very familiar one of Martha and Mary. Martha is the anxious worker seeking to please the Lord with a good meal and hospitality. Mary sits quietly at his feet and listens. One has come to be the image of work, the other of prayer. ... ”

  • The Restoration Project
    What Families Must Do - Post by Father Jerry J. Pokorsky, 7/20/2013

    “Where do we go from here? ... ”

  • Legal Abortion on the Retreat
    But the Radicals Dig in Their Heels - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/19/2013

    “Three more abortion mills ( are shutting down. This comes on the heels of more aggressive policing of BIG Abortion -- that is, the abortion industry -- in the Lone Star State. ... ”

  • Fasting Zombies
    Post by Sister Clare Hunter, 7/17/2013

    “So, I read Fr. Scalia's ( zombie piece, and I know that I've contracted zombie-itis. Self diagnosed. And of course, now I notice each reference about sleep, or staying awake, in Scripture, and it seems to be popping up in my spiritual reading as well. It's chasing me! Father is right; Scripture exhorts us all the time to be awake! The best is "stay sober and alert [awake]. The devil is prowling like the roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him solid in your faith" (1 Peter 5:8-9). My thoughts go to the famous "sleep" scene: Jesus finding his closest friends asleep in His time of agony. Don't we feel the wrench in our hearts as we hear Jesus' plea, "could you not remain awake one hour with me" (Mk 14:37)? We are not just talking about friends letting a friend down. Their sleep is a profound example of the very definition of sin. Jesus asked them to be in union with Him, to pray, and to be awake, disciplining the flesh so that they could be focused spiritually, praying and watchful. They gave into the fleshly urge to sleep and were not present or alert as the enemy approached to take Jesus. ... ”

  • Zombieland
    Post by Father Paul Scalia, 7/16/2013

    “What is the fascination with zombies? They keep coming at us in movies and video games. Other monsters - Frankenstein, werewolves, vampires - do not enjoy the same endurance in popular entertainment. Just when you think the theme has run its course, another zombie movie comes out. Kind of like zombies themselves, the long-since-dead genre keeps plodding along - mindlessly, lifelessly ... feeding off the living. ... ”

  • Does the Abortion Industry Really Believe in "Safety First"?
    What the Evidence Reveals - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 7/15/2013

    “Many of you are aware that last week the Texas Legislature passed historic legislation that significantly limits abortion in Texas and shows that the claim of the "Pro-Choice" abortion advocates that they mere want abortion "safe and legal." For the Texas Law places significant requirements that so-called "clinics" must meet basic medical requirements and certification. All of these requirements will significantly enhance women's safety from unsafe and shoddy medical practices all too common in abortion "clinics." ... ”

  • Why Abortion Regulations Matter
    Our "concern" with under-capitalized abortionists - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/11/2013

    “The horror stories out of Pennsylvania seem to have breathed new life into efforts to regulate abortion as rigorously as a genuine medical procedure. For some reports from this latest front in the Culture Wars, you might examine ( the efforts in Texas, ( North Carolina, and even, of all places, ( Maryland. ... ”

  • Life Saving Stories
    Father and son each worked to save a life - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/11/2013

    “You'll enjoy ( this story of a priest's work to identify a couple who would adopt a baby at risk of abortion. The baby at risk had been diagnosed as having Down Syndrome. ... ”

  • ObamaCare in Trouble
    Or does the latest delay signal a more sinister purpose? - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/10/2013

    “Ramesh Ponnuru nicely identifies ( "Six Inconvenient Truths About ObamaCare" in his column today. The best portion persuasively posits as follows: ... ”

  • Is America a "Sunset Society"?
    Pondering those magnificent fireworks... - Post by Stu Nolan, 7/9/2013

    “In the wake of witnessing a magnificent local fireworks display on the evening of of July 4, my family returned to the house and caught the final televised moments of the Macy's sponsored fireworks display in New York City. Both the local display and the New York City spectacular struck me as much more impressive than the displays I remembered from my youth. Over the course of conversations in the ensuing days, I mentioned my perception that the country's celebration of its independence seems to be growing in direct proportion to the shrinking of our cause to celebrate. Is there any rational person in this land who can credibly argue that the country is on a more positive trajectory now than it was, for example, in the eighties? ... ”

  • Not So Ordinary Time
    Post by Kathleen Cosgrove, 7/9/2013

    “Quick, which week in Ordinary Time is it? Easy, it's the...thirteenth? Twentieth? Ordinary Time is an easy period for us to become a bit complacent with our faith, simply because it seems not to mean anything. It's harder to care about numbers than it is to care about Advent, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, the Ascension, feast days or holy days of obligation. What's more, Ordinary Time in the United States falls during those gorgeous summer months and hectic "back to school" days of fall that make it so tempting to put Christ and the Church on the backburner of our lives. Attendance dwindles on especially beautiful days, vacation planning is paramount, and did you hear the latest about X team's chance on the Road to October? ... ”

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