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Catholic Students and Educators ?Get It and Live It!?

We are either Catholic, or we're not!

By Gerri Laird

What a breath of fresh air! Kudos to Kathryn Lopez for an inspiring article that begins and ends with the decision by John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America (CUA), to return to single-sex dorms. Garvey understands his faith and is living it, but he isn't alone. Sandwiched in between the discussion about Garvey's common sense decision and the threat of a lawsuit, Lopez unveils a group of "twentysomethings looking for an alternative to the culture of utilitarianism around them" who "want neither to be used nor to use others. They see the inherent dignity of the human person and want to treat that, in themselves and others, with respect. They want to challenge themselves and expect more."

Wow! These Catholics get it and live it. These individuals are not just talking the talk; they are making a difference. Garvey is in the public eye and is being observed closely by individuals and groups on both sides of the issue. But these "twentysomethings" are quietly in formation, gathering Tuesday evenings during the summer to discuss Blessed Pope John Paul II's Love and Responsibility. What a marvelous tribute to our late Holy Father who loved youth and communicated so well with them. They are a vibrant part of our future, a sign of hope for our Church and for our country.

In a culture that believes college students are incapable of sexual self-control, these students want their actions to have a greater purpose and love. They "want to pursue their success within the norms of eternity."

Catholicism is not for the faint of heart. We are either Catholic, or we're not. Garvey made his choice; these college students made their choice. They get it, and they live it!

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