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Archbishop Dolan Defending Priests

By Bob Laird

How often do you hear of a priest speaking out at the criticism that the clergy has taken with regard to the child abuse cases? How many times do you hear bishops and priests publicly apologizing without firing back with factual information countering the attacker? Well, Archbishop Dolan of New York reports on his blog about an incident that he recently had in the Denver Airport.

The encounter was a classic. A father of two approached him at the airport and told him that he can't look at a priest "without thinking of a sexual abuser." AB Dolan, rather than just walking away, began a series of questions for the man. "Do you automatically presume a sexual abuser when you see a Rabbi or Protestant minister?" AB Dolan continued...or a coach, a boy scout leader, a foster parent, a counselor, or physician...what about a school teacher? "Each of these professions "have as high a percentage of sexual abuse, or even higher, than that of priests."

Archbishop Dolan didn't stop there. He asked the gentleman if he had looked in a mirror at himself because, "studies tell us that most children sexually abused are victims of their own fathers or other family members."

The entire article is worth reading.

The encounter ended with a hand shake and a thank you!

Please pray for our priests because so often they are viewed only as predators.

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