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Abortion Loophole in New Health Care Reform

Take action to end the Culture of Death

By Dianne Phelan

The sanctity of human life needs to be protected and valued for what it is--a precious gift from God. We need to protect the unborn, the elderly, and those that cannot fight for themselves. The 2600 page health care law, as we now know, is riddled with abortion-expanding provisions (link to

Abortion and contraception coverage is most definitely expanded in this law, and our tax dollars are helping fund this.

The link below is to an article that talks about "preventive services" that create an abortion loophole in this "health care reform."

We as Catholics and Christians have a duty to protect the unborn, to educate ourselves and those who do not realize the devastation that abortion and contraception wreak on families, marriage and the human soul.

We can pray for an end to this Culture of Death and we can take action by contacting our senators and representatives on the federal and state levels and tell them you are against any legislation that includes any federal or state tax dollars to fund abortion and/or contraceptives.

'Preventive Services' Create Abortion Loophole in Health Care Reform, FRC says.

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