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A Facebook Education

By Sr. Clare Hunter

I’ll confess, though not a devout Facebook user, I have it, and I learn from it. A scan of the news feed shows me pictures and news of friends (um, real ones) and family, articles on faith, recipes, videos, and world news. My “friends” happen to give me a lot of information about the Arlington Diocese, life issues, sexuality, and Pope Francis. Overall, it has become my go-to place to get a quick view of what is going on. I can see why they don’t have options to click “dislike,” or “pathetic,” or “this is sick.” I suppose I could put that in the comment section, but that would be a lot of work, and un-Sisterly. For the most part, my “friends” are quite tame as far as information goes, but I have run across a fair share of links that pose the question: “how much crazier are things going to get?” There is some whacked stuff out there! In the spirit of generosity, I thought I should share a few. Feel free to reassure me that I am not completely insane.

Two different stories coming out of the Big Apple: an animal rights group is filing a petition in to make a law which would establish the “legal personhood” of chimpanzees; meanwhile, New York City currently holds the national record for highest percentage of black and hispanic babies aborted at 81.9% of the 83,750 babies aborted in 2010. According to the report issued by the Centers for Disease Control, New York continues to hold the record for most abortions annually at 115,724, as reported by those abortion facilities participating (which makes one wonder about those not in compliance and not legally required).

About a month ago an inspiring and tear-jerking story went viral about a “Mother’s Love” and her premature baby boy’s fight for life, which he won through the love of his parents. Please watch this video made by his father as a gift to his mother: Ward Miles – First Year. Meanwhile, in Belgium, they are fighting to pass laws to euthanize children.

I had to read this one twice and call a friend to verify I was reading it correctly. Apparently, there is the proposal of the A.B. 460 law that would allow for same-sex couples to get insurance coverage for their, er….”infertility problem.” Read more from the National Catholic Bioethics Center Commentary here. There is something to be said for the moxy of individuals or groups who, once biological realities are eschewed, push the limits to what would be a logical outcome of such a denial. It follows that once we change the definition of marriage, sexual intercourse, or decide being male or female is an option, we have to change the definitions of fertility and infertility. I feel naïve for being surprised. If a whole kingdom did not say anything when its Emperor paraded around naked, but rather admired his clothes, this should seem rather normal.

Okay, let’s end on a few fun things provided by my Facebook education:

Pope Frodo?

I am Emma Woodhouse in: “Who in Fiction Are You?”

Fr. Lundberg reminds me: Millennials Are the Hopeful Generation

Catholic Memes – Great job on St. Nicholas

This article has been reprinted here by permission of the author after original publication at Encourage and Teach, published by the Diocese of Arlington.

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