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A Few of Her Favorite Things

Nancy Pelosi shares a thought on one of the greatest moments in time.

By Heather Calio

Have hard times in office inspired Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to get right with God? One can only speculate as to whether Pelosi's interest in this topic was heartfelt or triggered by fear of her political demise. You be the judge as to her comfort level when discussing her faith. Take a look at her speech during a May 6th Catholic Community Conference on Capitol Hill. No words can do justice to her insights on "The Word"; you have to see and hear to believe.

In the context of Pelosi's reflections, one might presume a better understanding on her part that Christ, incarnate and present among us, compels us to make law that reflects the Truth and Justice of His law, than she displays in her position on abortion. What is particularly offensive about these remarks is not only does this public figure profess to be a practicing Catholic, she misrepresents the teachings of the Church to which Catholics adhere.

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