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Graphic Abortion Images at the March for Life

By Noreen Daly

For all those who have ever gone to the March for Life in DC, are familiar with the section of the parade along the side of the road which displays the giant graphic abortion posters as well as the various other similar signs and posters scattered throughout the event. For all those who haven't been to the March but are familiar with these abortion images, are also most likely familiar with the surrounding controversy regarding the use of such images.

Simcha Fisher's article lists 8 reasons NOT to use graphic abortion images at the March for Life.

I find her 8th point the strongest and most compelling: "People see what they want to see. When the apostles begged the Lord to send the dead to persuade people to repent, He said that if they didn't listen to the prophets, then they wouldn't be impressed by the dead coming back to life, either. Many pro-choicers speak as if everyone knows that pro-lifers use photoshopped images -- that the tiny, mutilated feet and hands and heads are a hoax that's been thoroughly debunked. It's a lie, of course. But people believe it all the same, because they want to (and pro-lifers don't help their cause by being sloppy about things like identifying gestational age on photos."

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