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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Reason for the Season

By Bob Laird

The football bowl games, family dinners, and gift exchanges of the holidays are beyond us and before returning to our daily routines, let us reflect on the "reason for the season" and how that reason drives our lives for the entire year. Christmas does not end on Christmas Day. It does not end when the Octave of Christmas is over on New Years Day. The Church celebrates Christmas through the Epiphany, when the gentiles (non-Jews) visited the child Jesus. While such a celebration in 2012 only extends for one week (shortest Christmas season possible), it still gives us time to reflect of the profound impact that this one child made on all of humanity.

As government institutions try to do away with religion in the United States, where would our nation be today without that Child? Look no further than the calendar. what does the number "2012" reflect - 2012 year since the birth of Jesus! All of history is recorded in terms of BC (Before Christ) and AD (anno Domini - In the Year of Our Lord). The most fundamental historical system of tracking and recording information, the calendar, is based the date of the birth of Jesus.

And in the midst of the preparation for this time of the year, the bureaucratic memo arrives in government schools with the do's and don't's of the "holiday" season. Don't have any pictures reflecting Christmas; no nativity scenes; no Christmas parties! Do talk about the winter solstice, Hannakkah, or Kwanzaa; but don't mention Christmas! And somewhere near the top of each of these memos is a date. Yes, the date reflecting the 2011th year of our Lord whose birth we celebrate on Christmas. How hypocritical can one get?

So, Christmas and the subsequent New Year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the significance of the birth of one Child in all of recorded history. Every time that we write or type a date or look at a calendar we shold remember that all recorded time is based on the birth of one Child and he is not only the "reason for the season" but the reason for which each one of us must give thanks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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