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  • Catholics Hold Obama Accountable for Conscience Violations
    Post by Bob Laird, 1/30/2012

    “Catholics Hold Obama Accountable for Conscience Violations ... ”

  • The Sacrament of Marriage and the Spectre of Divorce
    Post by Matthew Milhon, 1/20/2012

    “"Is there a history of divorce in your family?" Being a 23-year-old man on the verge of marriage, this question caught me more than a little off guard when asked by a priest who is preparing my fiancĂ©e and I for the Sacrament of Matrimony. At first I was not entirely sure why I found it offensive. Was it that I found it insensitive to pose such a question to a couple preparing to enter into sacramental union, or maybe I just did not want to entertain the notion of a future without my bride-to-be? ... ”

  • Family Friendly Content Boosts Radio Ratings
    Post by Matthew Milhon, 12/21/2011

    “When considering the climate of the contemporary American entertainment industry one does not have to look far to find that the majority of mainstream films, music, television shows, etc. are ensconced with gratuitous violence and sexual imagery that, even a generation ago, would have been deemed inappropriate for public consumption. Take this and couple it with record breaking budgets for Hollywood films and chart topping musical performers whose singles promote same-sex relationships and blatantly ridicule Christianity, and yet are still invited to perform in TV specials such as "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving". One would think that the trend in modern entertainment would be driving headlong deeper into the moral quagmire in which it currently finds itself. ... ”

  • LegalWorks invites attorneys to prayerfully discern what it means to practice law faithfully
    Annual Day of Recollection explores founding principles of the apostolate - Post by Stu Nolan, 12/3/2011

    “LegalWorks Apostolate thanks all those who participated in our annual retreat for attorneys seeking to infuse their professional life with the teachings of their faith. ... ”

  • Church membership up, attendance at Mass declining
    Post by Stu Nolan, 12/2/2011

    “A December 2 report by Jennifer Levitz in the Wall Street Journal notes as follows: ... ”

  • Has Obama Lost the Catholic Left?
    Post by Bob Laird, 11/29/2011

    “The Cardinal Newman Society ( continues its ( in-depth analysis of the decision by the Obama Administration on January 20th to retain the rules that are in place except to defer the implementation for one year for those Catholic institutions that apply for the waiver. ... ”

  • Catholic College refuses to bow to latest Obama Administration attempt to limit religious freedom
    Belmont Abbey fights back against ObamaCare - Post by Stu Nolan, 11/22/2011

    “The Obama Administration is taking the position that Catholic colleges discriminate against women if they fail to offer insurance coverage that includes contraception with abortifacient elements. Much of the public is unaware that the most common contraception, i.e., the "pill", acts to abort a child if conception has already occurred. At any rate, to its credit, Belmont Abbey is refusing to back down, as reported by LifeSiteNews ( here. ... ”

  • Why Vote Pro-Life?
    A Catechesis of the Catholic Church and the Political Process - Post by Bob Laird, 10/17/2011

    “I pastor friend of mine once told me that he's never had an original idea, but he takes all of his ideas from others. After hearing the homily at Mass yesterday by Father John DeCelles' of St. Raymond's Parish in Springfield, VA, I recalled that statement and realized that no amount of research and preparation could mimic his words. Father used the gospel reading of "Rendering to Caesar..." (Matt 22:15-21) to present a catechesis of the Catholic teaching on voting and our participation in the political process. It makes one think about and understand the genesis of the statement, "I vote pro-life!" and why every person who calls him or herself a Christian must internalize that statement and act on it. ... ”

  • Preaching the Gospel of Life with Clarity
    Parish Priests Teaching through Homilies - Post by Bob Laird, 10/12/2011

    “The Catholic Church's teaching on respecting the dignity of the human person is much more than just being against abortion and euthanasia. Here are two homilies which I comment to your reading, review, and understanding. Both were presented by the two priests assigned to St. Raymond's Parish in Springfield, VA on Sunday, October 2, 2011 - Father John DeCelles and Father Mark Pilon. ... ”

  • The Pope and the Regensburg Speech - 5 Years Later
    Popes aren't supposed to Lecture on the Truth? - Post by Bob Laird, 9/12/2011

    “Samuel Gregg does a good job with this article in ( ... ”

  • USCCB Response to HHS Final Rules on Preventative Services
    Post by Bob Laird, 8/31/2011

    “Congratulations to Anthony Picarello, Mike Moses, Richard Doerflinger, and the rest of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) staff that put together the well-documented, well-articulated, and well-rationalized statement as to why the ( HHS Final Rules on Preventative Services "should be recinded in its entirety." ... ”

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