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Elected Official Wishes Elections Wouldn't Matter So Much

Former Speaker of the House Puts the "Democracy" Back in the Democrats

By Stu Nolan

Catholics used to be accused rather routinely of wanting to impose a theocracy. Nancy Pelosi, who likes to call herself a Catholic while openly dissenting from dogmatic Church teaching concerning the immorality of abortion and the unacceptability of legalized abortion, has a different kind of theocracy in mind. As reported here, she yearns for a day when the country is ruled by folks who all agree with her.

Elections would not matter so much, since whoever would win the election in question would be equally inclined to support the policies of a culture of death. Although we do not credit her with the intellectual heft to understand her preference for a Secular Theocracy, she merely betrays that which her more cunning friends on the Left are careful not to articulate so openly.

On second thought, does this mean we can revisit the validity of the elections that Pelosi won, or perhaps the 2008 presidental contest? Hmmm.

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