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Explanation not necessary. It is totally absurd. Period.

By Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge

I admit it. I''m an animal lover. In our forty-one years of marriage, my husband and I have had at least one dog in our household except for one short period of time. Currently, Ms. Daisy Mae rules the household. A feisty West Highland Terrier, she is very well cared for and basically wants for nothing.

So, it is no surprise I get upset when I see or hear about cruelty to animals. I cannot bear to watch "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" or "Animal Cops" on Animal Planet. Even the ASPCA commercials with all the abused and/or abandoned cats and dogs are too sad for me to watch.

There is no lack of media reports about animal cruelty. One recent case in Newark, New Jersey, involved a young pit bull who was being starved and was eventually thrown down a trash chute by his female owner. Discovered by a janitor in the apartment building in which the dog and his owner resided, the dog was reportedly 30 pounds under weight and was covered with sores. Kisha Curtis, the owner, also tied the dog to a railing and left him there for a week while she was on a trip.

According to the AP, Curtis was charged with "two fourth-degree offenses for 'tormenting and torturing' an animal by failing to provide food and water." If found guilty, she could spend 18 months in jail with a fine up to $10,000. Additional charges of abandonment could result in six more months in jail with added fines.

There is a myriad of other cases of animal cruelty that are just unbelievable to me.

I simply do not understand how people can be so cruel to these animals.

More importantly, I simply do not understand how people can be so cruel to children of any age or to helpless pre-born babies who are savagely killed in their own mothers' wombs.

What truly baffles me, however, is how so many people are outraged by animal cruelty and yet have little or no objection or in some cases actually advocate for the killing of tiny, defenseless human beings.

Two prime examples come to mind: Sarah McLachlan, pro-choice activist, member of Planned Parenthood board of advocates, and spokesman for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Wendie Malick, pro-choice activist, member of Planned Parenthood board of advocates, and spokesman for the Humane Society.

Both of these women are admirably passionate when addressing the abuse of dogs and cats and yet they advocate for a woman's so-called right to kill her unborn child. In the ASPCA ads, McLachlan bemoans that a cat or dog is "beaten or abused" every hour and yet, she has no regard for the more than 138 pre-born babies who are killed every hour in the United States alone. She claims she " won't sit by while an animal suffers" and yet she not only "sits by" while babies suffer when they are ripped apart in an abortion, she supports the organization that commits abortions.

In the Humane Society ads, Malick laments, "if these animals could talk, they would tell you they desperately need you to save them right now . . . they can't speak up, but you can . . . you can be the difference between life and death for these animals." Based on her activism for the choice for abortion, I doubt Malick would substitute "pre-born babies" for "animals" in her pleas for help.

Of course McLachlan and Malick are not alone in their twisted thinking. Sad to say, there are many people who advocate for animals and/or animal charities and yet see absolutely nothing wrong with abortion.

Explanation not necessary. It is totally absurd. Period.

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