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Archbishop Chaput on Building a Culture of Life

Dos and Don'ts

By Bob Laird

Some bishop's just "get it." They are first and foremost holy. They are fervent and they are crafty. One of these bishops is Archbishop Chaput from Denver. In his latest address, given in Fargo, ND, on February 25, 2011, he provides some "dos" and "don'ts" for building a culture of life. Here is the link for the full text.

The short form should be a discussion for every organizational leader within the Catholic Church. Here are the "don'ts":
1. "Don't let yourself be tricked into an inferiority complex."
2. "Don't let divisions take root."
3. "Don't get trapped by partisan politics. But also don't undervalue the importance of politics."
4. "Don't create or accept false oppositions."
5. "Don't hate the adversary."
6. "Don't let your adversaries set the agenda."

The "dos" follow:
1. "Do become martyrs."
2. "Keep hope alive."
3. "Be strategic."
4. "Do use the best means to deliver your message; especially - but not limited to - the new technologies."
5. "Remember that renewing the culture, not gaining power, is our ultimate goal."

Each organization, whether in the Church or in support of the Church, should use these as its fundamental principles for bringing about a Culture of Life.

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