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Files brief with U.S. Supreme Court

By Stu Nolan

The Louisiana Supreme Court has asked a lower court to determine which portions of a sacramental confession are entitled to protection as a confession per se and which portions may not be entitled to protection. Of course, in order for the lower court to acquire evidence about the contents of a confession, it must seek testimony from the individuals who were allegedly parties to the confession. In other words, the court seems to think that the seal of the confessional can be violated to the extent necessary for a court to determine which portions of the confession may not be violated (and which portions are not protected at all).

This is of course unacceptable and manifestly violates the First Amendment freedoms of the priest and of the Church. On behalf of Belmont Abbey College, Human Life International,, WitnessWorks Foundation for a Culture of Life, and the World Apostolate for Fatima USA, we filed an amicus curiae brief in the matter, urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case. You can read the brief here.

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