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  • Federal Contracting Laws Now Prohibit Discrimination Based on "Gender Identity"
    Post by Richard Mathews, 4/9/2015

    “As of April 8, 2015, new and modified federal contracts, subcontracts, and vendor agreements are subject to a new ban on sexual-orientation and gender-identity job discrimination. The federal government has not yet clarified how the new ban intersects with the right of religious contractors, under federal contracting rules, to consider religion when hiring and firing (the religious staffing exemption). The new rules apply specifically to federal contracting, and not (YET) to federal grants. ... ”

  • Cardinal Burke identifies need for manly leadership
    Post by Stu Nolan, 1/12/2015

    “In an interview for the (, Cardinal Burke notes as follows: ... ”

  • Religious Liberty Threats
    Two Recent Incidents Raise Serious Concern and Show the Road Ahead May be Rocky - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 10/19/2014

    “Two stories recently in the news illustrate that the path for religious liberty is going to get increasingly rocky in the days ahead. Up until now, the main dispute of the Church with the federal government has been over the “HHS Mandate” requiring us to provide contraception and abortion coverage. We have seen some legal victories on this front, but the battle is far from over and the cost in terms of money, time, and other resources has been enormous. ... ”

  • LegalWorks acts on behalf of Church Institutions to protect Seal of Confessional
    Files brief with U.S. Supreme Court - Post by Stu Nolan, 10/6/2014

    “The Louisiana Supreme Court has asked a lower court to determine which portions of a sacramental confession are entitled to protection as a confession per se and which portions may not be entitled to protection. Of course, in order for the lower court to acquire evidence about the contents of a confession, it must seek testimony from the individuals who were allegedly parties to the confession. In other words, the court seems to think that the seal of the confessional can be violated to the extent necessary for a court to determine which portions of the confession may not be violated (and which portions are not protected at all). ... ”

  • Stop Parading; Start Praying
    Embracing Calls for Holiness on a Saint's Feast Day - Post by Stu Nolan, 9/5/2014

    “Monsignor Charles Pope, a thoughtful writer who pens a column for the "blog" of the Archdiocese of Washington DC and whose columns are routinely re-printed (with permission) here at ( Veritatis Splendor, recently attracted attention from a wider circle than is normally the case. He did so by stating the suddenly controversial idea that a saint's feast day ought to be a time to focus on prayer and a deepening of holiness in our lives, rather than a time to parade around in public displays of drunkenness and celebrations of immoral or otherwise scandalous conduct. ... ”

  • Judge Refuses to Jump Off Cliff with 20 Colleagues
    Federal District Court in New Orleans Gets One Right - Post by Stu Nolan, 9/5/2014

    “Notwithstanding the direction that a herd of his colleagues has been moving since the Supreme Court's decision in Windsor, one federal judge in New Orleans has rightly concluded that he will not jump off a cliff with them. His cogent reasoning (as Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and editor of National Review Onine's Bench Memos, described it ( here) can be read in full by clicking this ( link. ... ”

  • Catholic Confessions: My Prayer in Dryness
    Post by Natalie Plumb, 7/10/2014

    “I hesitate to call anything “normal.” But some things simply are. We are all different, but we are all sinners. We are all unique Children of God, but we all fall. The same is true with prayer. ... ”

  • The Holy Trinity and the Sacrament of Marriage
    Post by Deacon Marques Silva, 6/13/2014

    “For those of us who remember the Baltimore Catechism, you likely have those fond memories of Sr. Mary Margaret asking: ... ”

  • Our Lady of Promptness
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 5/2/2014

    “The month of May is a good time to give thought and prayer to the many titles of our Lady. And in his Chrism Mass homily, Pope Francis gave us a new one to consider: Our Lady of Promptness. A quick internet search for this title brings up only references to the same homily. So it would seem that the title is his own creation. But as is so often the case with Pope Francis, this novelty has deep roots in our faith. ... ”

  • The ?Unnamed? Days of Holy Week
    Post by Sr. Clare Hunter, 4/15/2014

    “Have you ever wondered why the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week don’t get a special name? I have. We have quite the entrance on Passion (Palm) Sunday by publicly processing, singing and carrying palms. We read the very long Gospel and wince as we shout out “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” After the celebration of an intense liturgy, it feels like we are just getting started, and then we have to stop for three days, only to rev up again for the big line up of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and finally Easter Sunday. ... ”

  • If By The Spirit...
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 3/14/2014

    “Self-denial is not foreign to the world. It is not original or exclusive to Catholics. Granted, the indulgence of our culture might obscure this fact. Most people do seem to go about seeking to satisfy their appetites, and more. The world’s dominant message is not self-restraint but self-indulgence. Nevertheless, even in the midst of all this we do find some self-denial. ... ”

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