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  • The Gospel Train Reaches Temptation Station ? Stay on Board, Children! A Homily for the First Sunday of Lent
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 2/13/2016

    “There’s an old gospel song tradition that speaks of the Christian life as a ride on the “Gospel train.” The Gospel train is not always an easy ride with perfect scenery, but you’ve gotta get your ticket and stay on board. ... ”

  • Give Up
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 2/9/2016

    “The most conspicuous (and perhaps dreaded) aspect of Lent is fasting. Technically, the season (indeed, the entire liturgical year) contains only two fast days: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. On those days, we are permitted only one meal and two "collations" (snacks, basically) needed to keep up our strength. These are days of abstinence as well ? so, no meat. ... ”

  • The Requirements of the Law
    Post by Fr. Jerry J. Pokorsky, 2/1/2016

    “As a full-time parish priest and an armchair theologian, it gives me great pleasure to rub shoulders?from time to time?with real theologians, and to plagiarize some of their ideas. One of them observed, "The Church teaches doctrine, not theology." The thought was provocative enough to open many intellectual doors for me as I began to appreciate the great (and sometimes heated) arguments among orthodox theologians, and to even venture out on my own in theological speculation. As long as I remain faithful to the anchor of Catholic doctrine, endeavoring to be rigorous in logic with the facts, I might have something to offer in preaching and writing. ... ”

  • Balancing ACTS at Mass
    Post by Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky, 1/31/2016

    “A spirit of thanksgiving is a good thing. Most of us learned as children to say “thank you.” The culture used to support parents in such basic matters. But of the four types of prayer – adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication (ACTS) – explicit words of thanksgiving are rare in the liturgy. Since “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving,” and in view of the critical importance of expressions of thanksgiving, why the (apparent) imbalance? ... ”

  • Why the Acclamations at the
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 1/31/2016

    “There is a moment in the Eucharistic Prayer in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite at which the priest awkwardly summons the people to respond by using a sentence fragment: "The mystery of faith" (mysterium fidei). The 1970 translation from the Latin tried to complete the fragment by supplying some additional words: "Let us proclaim the mystery of faith." ... ”

  • The Miracle of Life
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 1/21/2016

    “We march today in cold weather and with snow bearing down on the area. The coldest march I ever endured was back in 1985 when the temperature was 4 degrees and there were 15 inches of snow on the ground. It was so cold that year that Reagan’s second inaugural on the previous day had been moved inside to the Capitol Rotunda. The next day, the day we marched, was even colder!-!!- ... ”

  • What is a Culture of Life?
    Post by Cynthia M. Nolan, PhD, 12/12/2015

    “Pope Saint John Paul II told us in 1995 in Evangelium Vitae that if we “respect, protect, love, and serve life,” we will find happiness. Surely we all want nothing less. And if this revered saint points us to this path to true happiness, we will want our entire culture to reflect this Truth. ... ”

  • Some Thoughts to Help Deepen Gratitude
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 11/25/2015

    “True gratitude is a grace, or gift, from God. It proceeds from a humble and transformed heart. In such a case we do not render thanks merely because it is polite or expected, or because God commands it, but because it naturally flows from a profound experience of gratitude. The “command” of Scripture to give thanks is not a moralism, but a truth and a description of what flows from a transformed heart.-!!- ... ”

  • Heart to Heart
    Post by Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky, 11/1/2015

    “During a recent retreat, to avoid the usual distractions of a crowded chapel during the conferences, I closed my eyes. The result was remarkable. I became far more actively engaged with the retreat master, a bishop. In blindness, there was an unobstructed encounter with the bishop’s easy voice, pleasant intonation, and compelling spiritual insights. (I was also successful in avoiding slumber, unlike a previous year’s retreat where, after closing my eyes, my snoring became so much of a distraction that I received a nudge in the ribs from a friend.) ... ”

  • The Fathers of Our Faith
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 6/17/2015

    “This week we recognize the irreplaceable role of fatherhood, a vocation to which all men are called. Pope Francis reminds us: “It is a term dearer than any other to us Christians because it is the name by which Jesus taught us to call God: father.” ... ”

  • George Will on the Evaporation of Democratic Party Support for Free Speech
    Post by Stu Nolan, 4/21/2015

    “The Wall Street Journal cites some sobering insights by George Will after Hillary Clinton proposes to amend the Bill of Rights to allow the political class to regulate criticism of the political class. See the article ( here. ... ”

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