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  • Hollywood Extras
    Post by By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, 3/28/2016

    ““Christ is risen! Alleluia! ... ”

  • A More Awful Thing- Jesus' Lament on the Culture of Death as He Is on His Way to the Cross
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/22/2016

    “In the Gospel we read on Palm Sunday, Jesus says a rather extraordinary thing as He is on His way to the cross. He addresses it to the women who have gathered to lament Him: ... ”

  • Holy Week Guide-Walk with the Lord Each Day of This Holy Week
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 3/20/2016

    “At the heart of our faith is the Paschal mystery: the Passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. All of salvation history leads up to and goes forth from these saving events. We call this "Holy Week" because Jesus' public ministry culminates with His suffering, death, and resurrection. ... ”

  • The Perfect Jew
    Post by Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky, 3/20/2016

    “In the Gospel, Christ is careful to ensure that we notice the theme of "fulfillment." For example, "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place." (Mt. 5:17-20) ... ”

  • Where the Tree Falls, There It Will Lie ? A Meditation on the Finality of Judgment
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/16/2016

    “Some engage in the wishful thinking that humans can suddenly and dramatically become converted and wholly different. To be sure, there are what are sometimes called “sudden conversions” of individuals. But what this usually means is that the person’s disposition against God and/or the faith is transformed into an openness to the truth and grace of God. It does not usually mean (barring a miracle) that the person is instantly possessed of all virtue and is suddenly free of all sinful inclinations. In order for fundamental change to take deep and lasting root in a person, he or she must work hard at it and must cooperate with God’s grace. ... ”

  • Everyone Suffers. Not Everyone Sacrifices.
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 3/15/2016

    “We are now in the last days of Lent. The readings at Mass focus more and more on the persecution of our Lord, the preface is that of the Holy Cross. Next week, we walk with Him in His suffering. We must not do so as innocent bystanders. First of all, because we are not innocent. Second, because we cannot merely stand by. We are meant to share His suffering with Him. This means accompanying Him not as observers but as true companions ? which requires a better understanding of suffering itself. ... ”

  • Counting the Cost of Condemnation
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/12/2016

    “Today’s Mass features the well-known Gospel of the woman caught in adultery. In this Gospel, the Lord intimates to the men of his day that the severe punishment they want to mete out to this woman may be unwise given that they themselves must prepare for their own judgment. ... ”

  • Still There! A Meditation on the Universal Inclination to ?the Good?
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/7/2016

    “In yesterday’s post I discussed the overall disconnect from reality effected by nominalism and its successor movements (e.g., Cartesian, Kantian, nihilist). Increasingly we live in our heads and no longer view reality itself as a reliable indicator of what is; we claim a kind of right to determine our own individual notion of reality. ... ”

  • There Was a Man Who Had Two Sons ? A Homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/5/2016

    “Today’s Gospel is about a man who had two sons, both of whom forsook him and refused to relive in relationship with him. Although the sons seem to have very different personalities (one outwardly rebellious, the other outwardly obedient) they actually have similar internal struggles. In effect, neither one of them really wants a relationship with the father. Both prefer what their father has or can give them to their father himself. ... ”

  • The Gift of Sorrow for Sin ? A Meditation on the Mass for the Gift of Tears
    Post by Msgr. Charles Pope , 3/3/2016

    “Most pastors and confessors are aware that in any parish there are going to be a few who are scrupulous, even in times like these. Some have a mild scrupulosity that is almost admirable. A sensitive conscience is a beautiful thing and bespeaks a kind of innocence that is rare today. ... ”

  • I Confess
    Post by Rev. Paul Scalia, 3/2/2016

    “There are few things more distinctly Catholic – and Lenten – than the Sacrament of Confession. Hollywood loves to use its trappings: the mysterious screen, the dim light, the whispered words, the inviolable seal. But the reality of the Sacrament is better than any movie’s depiction. We know it as more familiar and less mysterious: The Light Is ONinitiative, the penance services, the long lines at the confessional during Holy Week. These are all standard Lenten things – so standard that we might lose sight of the meaning of Confession. It helps to step back and look at certain aspects of the Sacrament…and what they mean for us. ... ”

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