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  • Missing the Mystery
    Post by Fr. Paul Scalia, 8/26/2013

    “A close friend from high school went to Paris during one of our breaks. He came back enthused by what he saw at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Since he was not Catholic he did not understand what he encountered there. But that did not stop him from breathlessly describing everything: the architecture, the images, the candles, the incense (“A boy with a smoke machine!”). What really got my attention was his talk about a piece of bread that had become “some man’s body.” Now, that’s amazing, I thought. He handed me the brochure from the basilica and I read it with great excitement. Then, to my shame, I was disappointed to learn that he was only talking about the Eucharist. Only. ... ”

  • "The Christ Side of History"
    Post by Father Paul Scalia, 8/13/2013

    “Over at the Freedom to Marry website, they have a boastful slogan: "The right side of history." It is really a threat: You had better not be on the wrong side of history. You had better be like them and get on the right side of history - or else you will be left out. Apparently, being on the wrong side of history is just not cool. In effect, this phrase is a pseudo-sophisticated version of the adolescent "Everyone else is doing it." ... ”

  • D.C. Cancels Gospel Artist
    Who's Next? - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 8/12/2013

    “Homosexual activists and advocates often state that they merely want recognition and certain legal rights, and that churches and other objectors to their life style remain free to have their opinions and state them in a free culture. And any expressed fears regarding compulsory recognition or punitive measures directed against objectors are dismissed as fear mongering. ... ”

  • Forsake Fear, Remain Ready
    A Homily for the 19th Sunday of the Year - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 8/10/2013

    “In the Gospel for this weekend (Luke 12:32-40) the Lord Jesus presents a "Recipe for Readiness." He gives this recipe so that we can lay hold of his offer that we not be afraid. But he is not simply saying, "Be not afraid." He is explaining how we can battle fear by being ready. ... ”

  • Good Samaritan Priest Appears, Vanishes, Miraculously
    19 Year Old Girl First Consoled, Then Saved - Post by Stu Nolan, 8/9/2013

    “Read all about reports of a miracle ( here. ... ”

  • Repent! Convert!
    Two Words that Need Rediscovering - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 8/7/2013

    “Too many Catholics are uncomfortable using the biblical and traditional words, "Repent," convert and conversion. To repent means to change your mind and come to a new way of living. To convert means to turn from sinful ways or erroneous teaching. ... ”

  • America's Addiction to Pornography
    Bishop Conley illuminates a dark problem - Post by Stu Nolan, 8/6/2013

    “Writing in the ( online daily edition of First Things/(-, Bishop Conley underscores the terrible effects of pornography addiction. The problem has grown exponentially with the widespread availability of pornography in television and on the Internet. ... ”

  • "Marriage Equality?"
    Post by Father Paul Scalia, 8/5/2013

    “In the public debate about same-sex marriage, we often hear the phrase "Marriage Equality." Like the "Love is love" mantra, this one is brilliant propaganda. A powerful one-two punch, it contains the perfect ingredients to silence the opposition: the traditional institution of marriage and the quintessential American ideal of equality. Hey, who does not like marriage? And what American would ever disagree with equality? Put them together and you have a potent slogan. Indeed, this phrase suffers only one weakness: People do not really mean it. ... ”

  • "Love is Love?"
    Post by Father Paul Scalia, 7/24/2013

    “One slogan used for promoting "gay marriage" is the pithy phrase "Love is love." In fact, our President tweeted his praise for the recent DOMA decision with the "#Loveislove" hashtag. It is a great piece of propaganda, because, well, who wants to fight against love? Do any of us want to be told that our love is illegitimate? So the mantra goes on and wins support for "gay marriage." But does anyone give it any thought? Is it true? Are all loves the same? Is love love? ... ”

  • The Priority of Personal Prayer
    A Meditation on the Gospel of the 16th Sunday of the Year - Post by Msgr. Charles Pope, 7/21/2013

    “Today's Gospel at Mass is the very familiar one of Martha and Mary. Martha is the anxious worker seeking to please the Lord with a good meal and hospitality. Mary sits quietly at his feet and listens. One has come to be the image of work, the other of prayer. ... ”

  • The Restoration Project
    What Families Must Do - Post by Father Jerry J. Pokorsky, 7/20/2013

    “Where do we go from here? ... ”

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