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Time to Focus on Catholic News Sources

By Bob Laird

As a cadet at West Point, each Sunday I was able to hear an outstanding homily from a young priest in the Archdiocese of New York. His name was Father Edwin O'Brien. He is now Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of Baltimore. Unfortunately, while I often went to daily Mass, I received my religion news from The New York Times. I remember vividly the day that Rev. Charles Curran published his treatise on Humanae Vitae in that paper even before a copy of the document had reached the shores of the United States. This all came back to mind as I read Archbishop Chaput's caution of using the secular press for news and especially commentary about our faith.

I just cancelled our subscription to the Washington Post. I had been subscribing to it just to see what the other side was thinking, but I can read what I need to read on line for nothing. There has been a great burst of good Catholic writing on line in recent years and each of us has our favorite website where we can stay connected.

Ab Chaput's caution needs to be more than just read. It is time to start carefully listening to the wise words of wisdom coming from those Catholic leaders who are fearlessly speaking the truth in the public square and to begin acting on their message. May God bless Ab Chaput as he assumes the See in Philadelphia.

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