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NFP Unveils the Truth about Personhood

By Gerri Laird

Just when we think they aren't listening, some profound truth pops out! When our children were young, we always made it a point to sit up front during Mass - that is, until one Sunday when our youngest (age 4 at the time) jumped up on the kneeler just before the consecration and blurted out every word in perfect Latin before the priest even opened his mouth.

Yes, he was loud and clear, so we had a little chat after Mass that Sunday about the miracle that takes place at the consecration and the need to remain silent and reverent; he very excitedly repeated it back to me. So, the following Sunday we thought it best to sit in the middle of the church. Just before the consecration, our son whispered in my ear "Is it time for the miracle?" I smiled and said "yes" which time he jumped up onto the seat, turned toward the back of the church, and waved his arm toward the front yelling "Hey everyone! Watch the miracle!"

So what does this have to do with Natural Family Planning (NFP) and truth? In the midst of Planned Parenthood's celebration that birth control is on the verge of being certified as necessary preventive health care for women, NFP Awareness Week is a powerful reminder to celebrate the lives of our children (love with a name), their spouses, and our grandchildren. We need NFP because NFP leads to the truth about the human person - that we are made in the image and likeness of God. This truth leads to responsibility and a profound respect for the way we treat ourselves and others. What's not to celebrate!

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