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New Poll Shows Growth in Popularity of Restricting Access to Abortion

Trend Contrasts Americans' Apparent Confusion Over the Labels

By Stu Nolan

Americans continue the trend in recent years to favor strict regulatory controls to limit the number of abortions and the circumstances under which they may take place. A new Gallup poll reports that too many Americans do not understand that their position is essentially, albeit not completely, pro-life. The poll results reveal that a growing majority want abortion to be illegal most of the time and yet many of these same Americans refer to themselves a "pro-choice", apparently failing to understand that the abortion-on-demand crowd views any regulations on access to abortion as unconstitutional.

Although the Left's mantra has been that the procedure should be "safe, legal and rare", in practice pro-abortion politicians have fought any and all limitations on access to abortion and oppose any regulations that might make the killing of unborn children either safe or rare. A clear majority views abortion as morally wrong, and a consensus is emerging around the notion that the procedure is not as rare as it ought to be.

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