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United Nations claims mankind is destroying life on earth

Catholics can certainly agree on that statement

By Dianne Phelan

The central claim of a UN conference on biodiversity ( this week is: "We are destroying life on Earth."

Well, Catholics can certainly agree on that. Although we can wonder if these proponents of abortion, contraception, and other destructive means of population control realize the sad irony of their claim. Chock full of shocking (and often quite creative) statistics claiming, among other things, to measure in dollars the damage done to the environment worldwide ($6.6 trillion, in case you were wondering), the conference web site is a call to action for the Church of Green. You know the story: people are the problem, the fewer the better, we must stop having children and must destroy our economies so that bushes can thrive, etc...

Another problem is that Catholics are ready to work toward more environmental-friendly lifestyles, we just refuse to include anti-human means of achieving what are sometimes worthy goals. As Catholics, we have a responsibility to take care of the earth that God gave us and not abuse it; however, we have an even greater responsibility to protect human life, especially the child in the womb. This should be a priority. Something to think about as you read this article posted yesterday on (

God bless.

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