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Court Holds State Interest in Protecting Children from Christian Values

And Hundreds of Anglicans Restore Communion with Rome

By Stu Nolan

It is not the law of the land in America, at least not yet, but is the United Kingdom illuminating just where the slippery slope leads? At the promoting of the state-sponsored Equality and Human Rights Commission, a UK court there has held that a couple seeking to be foster parents could not do so because their Christian beliefs might "infect" the children and make them intolerant of the "rights" of homosexuals. The court found that the UK is a secular state, notwithstanding the fact this it still has a monarchy which presides over the Church of England. A full report by Paul Diamond can be found on National Review Online by clicking here.

Diamond points out that our cousins across the Pond are also displaying an alarming hyper-sensitivity to the "rights" of Muslims to impose their views on the majority. He cites support by none other than the Archbishop of Canterbury for introducing sharia law in the UK, a proposal apparently supported by the Lord Chief Justice.

In perhaps not completely unrelated news, hundreds of Anglicans have decided to leave the Church of England and restore full communion with Rome by becoming Roman Catholics by joining the new Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham established by Pope Benedict XVI. A full report by the Associated Press can be found, care of the Washington Examiner, by clicking here.

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