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Flawed Reasoning - 2

By Bob Laird

Patricia Bainbridge makes a key point in ther recent post on Flawed Reasoning. - that when comparing the number of deaths due to the death penalty and the number of deaths due to abortion, the ratio is astounding. Working within the pro-life movement, those numbers become sort of a management tool. In Virginia the number of deaths due to abortion is around 25,000 per year and the number of deaths due to the death penalty is always less than 10. So, I would rationalize that if I spend 10 minutes working on stopping the death penalty for an individual, I needed to work 417 hours stopping abortion. Yes, the 10 individuals who died for a crime that they committed may have been wronged and may have deserved something better than the death penalty, but the 25,000 babies who died due to abortion have no one to stand up for lawyer to plead their case in each court up to the Supreme Court.

The enormity of the abortion problem in the United States is astounding. Transforming hearts is not something that is done by just attending a March for Life or praying outside an abortion facility as part of the Forty Days for Life. It must become a part of the culture --- a culture where abortion is non-existent; sterilization is unthinkable; and contraception is rare. There must a concerted effort both individually and collectively to change from a culture of death to a culture of life.

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