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When Schools Are Jobs Programs -- But Only for Teachers

By Stu Nolan

Madeleine Sackler writes in the Wall Street Journal of a compelling new documentary, "The Lottery", that exposes the tremendous desire of desperate parents to win precious too few openings for their children in schools where the students have a chance to succeed. The increasing popularity of homeschooling and charter schools underscores the growing distrust in government schools.

Meanwhile, the faithful who are not using government schools as a general rule must pay taxes to support schools that (a) do a lousy job of educating students in basic skills they will need, and (b) elevate emphasize multiculturalism and environmentalism to the status of religion, all while excising true religion from the public square. Isn't it about time the schools get at least as serious about education as they are in preserving jobs for teachers and indoctrinating students in the their radical secularist mindset?

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