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Does the Abortion Industry Really Believe in "Safety First"?

What the Evidence Reveals

By Msgr. Charles Pope

Many of you are aware that last week the Texas Legislature passed historic legislation that significantly limits abortion in Texas and shows that the claim of the "Pro-Choice" abortion advocates that they mere want abortion "safe and legal." For the Texas Law places significant requirements that so-called "clinics" must meet basic medical requirements and certification. All of these requirements will significantly enhance women's safety from unsafe and shoddy medical practices all too common in abortion "clinics."

Now, of course, pro-choice advocates, who have long marched under the banner of "safe and legal," should hail the Texas decision since it goes a long way to ensure one of their two "pillar" positions (i.e. that abortion be "safe"). But of course they are not, they are howling in protest.

Yet as strong advocates for "women's safety" they claim to look back in horror to the days of "coat-hanger" abortions and insist that those days must never return. So, surely, they will support measures to further protect women from the often unsafe, unsanitary and under-regulated women's "clinics." Many stories have recently surfaced that show just how unsafe these clinics are. For example:


2.Oxford Journals

3.Veneremur Cernui

4.Ny Post




8.Delaware Online


10.Huffington Post

Well, you get the point. There are huge problems in the abortion "industry" regarding safety. The pro-choice advocates claim they want to have safe abortions available. Here comes Texas to the rescue with strong legislative protections for women who go to these so-called clinics. But as we can see from the reactions above, the "safe and legal" advocates are well prepared to sacrifice safety in order to keep abortion more legal.

It is clear that regulating abortion will limit its availability. Hence the "Safe" pillar, they claim to be at the foundation of their movement, has to give way for the legal pillar. Never mind that some women are butchered and even die.

It would seem it's really the "legal" of "safe and legal" that matters. Or so it would seem. For all the talk about women's safety, it would appear that such a concern is quite secondary.

Hence, the Texas Law puts the lie to the propaganda of the Pro-choice advocates. "Safe" for them appears to be more of an abstraction or a slogan. Real safety doesn't seem to interest them, or at least, it seems to threaten them.

Without a doubt, the victory in Texas is a sad and ironic one. Focusing on women's safety is a fine goal in itself. But, what of the safety of the unborn children? Well, step by step we'll make this journey to recapture of the hearts of our countrymen. As for the safety of women, fine, but half of all babies killed are female. Would that Pro-Choice advocates really care about the safety of all women and children.

Here at least is a step to further exposing the hypocrisy of many who cry "safe and legal." Here at least is a step in seeing that women who are often pressured to have abortions are not easily subjected to the horrors of an under-regulated "industry."

This article has been republished with the consent of the author after it was originally published by the Archdiocese of Washington.

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