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It's A Baby

By Dianne Phelan

The disconnect that people have is unbelievable. Read what Ron Paul said further down in the article. (

In one room a baby is aborted and left for dead in a bucket in the corner of the room. Down the hall a baby is born premature and the 10 doctors are doing everything they can to save the precious little one. Who are we to decide who lives and who dies? God is the ultimate judge. The truth is out there on what the horrors of abortion is all about and yet people go about their daily lives not knowing, or knowing and not caring.

If we don't stand up for these babies, who will? Knowing and understanding that abortion kills babies, contraceptives don't just stop from conceiving, they cause abortions if it doesn't stop conception. (See link to facts:

Artificial contraception increases the risk of breast cancer in women, and causes havoc on the water supply because the artificial hormones in the contraceptive medications is passed thru urine and into our water supply which we eventually either drink or bathe in. They cause more problems for women and men in marriage because the martial act is now not as God intended which is as a sign of love for each other and openness to conceiving a child. Artificial contraception changes the act of loving and giving of oneself to a more physical and using relationship.

The list goes on and on about the damages artificial contraception causes. Don't take my word for it. The research and information is out there. If you have been following the "House of Horrors" murder trial of an abortionist who killed babies who were born alive after an abortion attempt by cutting their necks open and cutting their spinal cords, I am sickened, saddened and angry at what is happening and just how uninformed people are.

Are we as a society so disconnected that we just go about our daily life without thinking about this or doing something about it or even praying for an end to abortion?

We have to do better for these babies, for the mothers and fathers of the babies who are aborted and for ourselves or our society will fall for the lack of respect for human life.

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