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Why We Need Natural Family Planning

By Gerri Laird

Why We Need Natural Family Planning, HLI Truth & Charity Forum, 7/20/2011

Also published in Arlington Catholic Herald, 9/17/2011

By Gerri Laird

"My children are going to pay for your Social Security!" That was my response to one of my husband's co-workers when he approached me at a company picnic and loudly criticized my pregnancy with child #5. My husband and I were pregnant by choice. He didn't have a response ? he and his wife were childless by choice.

But, child #5 must have heard this conversation while in utero. When he was old enough to talk, he came running down the stairs one day and asked if we loved him and his brothers and sisters. Our "Of course," was met with, "Then, why aren't there more babies around here? You love each other, right? Well, when mommies and daddies love each other, babies come?so why aren't there more babies around here?" From the mouths of babes, we learn Natural Family Planning (NFP) and responsible parenthood 101! And as this has been designated "Natural Family Planning Awareness Week" by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, it may be time to reflect on how our innate love of siblings and children can be better understood by embracing Church teaching on fertility and sexuality. Read More

This article has been reprinted here by permission of the author after original publication at the Cabrini Center for Catholic Health Care.

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