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Catholic College refuses to bow to latest Obama Administration attempt to limit religious freedom

Belmont Abbey fights back against ObamaCare

By Stu Nolan

The Obama Administration is taking the position that Catholic colleges discriminate against women if they fail to offer insurance coverage that includes contraception with abortifacient elements. Much of the public is unaware that the most common contraception, i.e., the "pill", acts to abort a child if conception has already occurred. At any rate, to its credit, Belmont Abbey is refusing to back down, as reported by LifeSiteNews here.

This follows the Supreme Court's consideration of a widely-discussed (in legal circles, at least) so-called "discrimination" case in which the Obama Administration has asked the Court to jettison the traditional "ministerial exception" that religious groups enjoy with respect to the appointment of clergy. See the National Catholic Register report for more details.

Court observers now believe the constitutionality of ObamaCare could be decided, at least in part, before next year's presidential election. The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear a highly extraordinary five-plus hours of oral argument regarding the constitutionality of the Obama Administration's alleged "reform" of the nation's health care financial system. You'll find some terrific reporting on this development by National Review, by Forbes, and by the Weekly Standard.

"Bench Memos" blog, has been especially attentive to the debate as to whether former ObamaCare advocate Justice Kagan should recuse herself from the Supreme Court's deliberations on this case.

Ed Whelan is president of the Washington, DC, think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center, where George Weigel, biographer of Blessed John Paul the Great, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow.

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