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Why Vote Pro-Life?

A Catechesis of the Catholic Church and the Political Process

By Bob Laird

I pastor friend of mine once told me that he's never had an original idea, but he takes all of his ideas from others. After hearing the homily at Mass yesterday by Father John DeCelles' of St. Raymond's Parish in Springfield, VA, I recalled that statement and realized that no amount of research and preparation could mimic his words. Father used the gospel reading of "Rendering to Caesar..." (Matt 22:15-21) to present a catechesis of the Catholic teaching on voting and our participation in the political process. It makes one think about and understand the genesis of the statement, "I vote pro-life!" and why every person who calls him or herself a Christian must internalize that statement and act on it.

Please read the homily! Share it with others who don't understand the basis of the "I vote pro-life!" statement.

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 16, 2011
Homily by Fr. John De Celles
St. Raymond of PeƱafort, Springfield, Va.

"Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,
and to God what belongs to God."
As many times as we've heard this text,
perhaps it's never been more apropos than today,
as we approach state elections in just 3 weeks away,
and as next year's national elections are the topic of daily headlines.
Some try to use this text to tell the Church to mind its own business
and keep its nose out of public debate, especially out of elections
Others, however, use it to defend the Church's involvement in politics.
So what is the meaning of the dichotomy between Caesar and God
that Christ lays out? Continue reading*/

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