Faithful Youth

Through initiatives aimed at athletes and the youth outdoor adventuring programs, this effort encourages young Christians to witness to their faith.

The Faithful Athletes initiative identifies athletes who are role models and who witness to their faith as a critical component of what it means to "be your brother's keeper."

The Faithful Troops initiative attempts to illuminate what it means to say that "A Scout is reverent" and to emphasize ways that faith communities who sponsor adventuring troops can become more involved in encouraging members of the troop to witness to their faith as a critical component of manhood.

In May of 2012, the foundation supported the founding of Our Lady of Guadalupe Troop 1212, which like many troops where a culture of faithfulness to Christian teachings is important, subsequently became a Trail Life USA unit. Also that same year the foundation's Faithful Youth supported the founding of American Heritage Girls Troop 1212.

In 2013, the Faithful Youth program became involved with the launching of Trail Life USA and particularly with the development of the National Catholic Committee for Trail Life USA.

You can read more about the Troop 1212 pilot program -- intended to provide a model for expressly Catholic troops -- at

In June of 2013, the Foundation launched Faithful Scouts of the Immaculata, subsequently re-named Faithful Troops of the Immaculata. You can read more about this program below or visit the website at Faithful Troops of the Immaculata supports the development of a Culture of Faithfulness within boys and girls outdoor adventuring units.

Those wishing to participate directly in this program should contact the Foundation directly.

Those wishing to support this program may do so with prayer and a financial contribution.

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