Faithful Philanthropy

The goal of this program is to place a spotlight on faith-based groups providing services to address a need directly rather than by lobbying for government action to redress supposedly systemic injustice. With an eye toward rewarding true instruments of mercy and compassion, and not the materialist purveyors of government mandated redistributionism or welfare statism, we identify and promote the work of cost-effective, service-oriented charities as examples of the principle of subsidiarity.

We also look favorably at charitable services with an evangelistic or catechetical impulse in their mission. Such organizations have inappropriately fallen into disfavor among elites, but in fact, these are the most effective charities and are doing the work most critical to building a Culture of Life. They are true witnesses to the work of building up the Kingdom of God via corporate works of mercy.

Those wishing to participate directly in this program should contact the Foundation directly.

Those wishing to support this program may do so with prayer and a financial contribution.

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