Faithful Families

This program communicates Church teaching on contraception and extraordinary means of conceiving, same sex adoptions, and other attacks on marriage and the family. We emphasize the importance of shared faith, or mutual respect for the faith, of spouses, as well as a sacramental view of marriage, in successful marriages.

We in particular promote the unique and beautiful role of motherhood. We provide a matching grants program for faith communities willing to "adopt" a pregnant mother "in crisis" and at risk of aborting but for lack of finances to pay for medical care. Such "adoptions" of a mother and child should provide medical care through delivery of the child, provided the mother's anonymity is protected pursuant to the use of an alias to provide members of the adopting faith community with updates on the status of mother and child.

This successful applicant will look to emulate the model that has been employed at St. Raymond's parish in Springfield, Virginia, where St. John Bosco Council #12846 of the Knights of Columbus has worked for the past several years in partnership with the Arlington Diocese Gabriel Project and with Tepeyac Family Center of Divine Mercy Care. A women's group at the parish was encouraged to complement the "adoption" by throwing a baby shower to provide the mother and child with some of the items that would be needed upon delivery of a healthy child.

The expense of the model has hindered more widespread adoption, and the WitnessWorks Foundation's Faithful Families matching grants program is designed to alleviate the burden to any one faith community attempting to emulate this model.

Those wishing to participate directly in this program should contact the Foundation directly.

Those wishing to support this program may do so with prayer and a financial contribution.

Our ability to replicate this program increases in direct proportion to the support we receive from our donors.

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